Saturday, 25 February 2012

Building Internal Culture

In this podcast, the man explains how can we build an internal culture. He says that when we think about culture we often wonder "how can we put it in a company?". He also says that in his company, culture is different from facebook... He claims diversity because in a company, there are lots of people different, by their ages, by their styles, by their work habits and it's important to have more interesting ideas. People in a company often wonder if they will be advantaged because they have a good experience or if they will be disadvantaged because they already know somethings they shoudn't do. There is the question of "Do we really need to be too planed and perfect or can we just follow our idea "Yes I will do that" because we want to?" He answers by the fact that there is no a good or a bad answer. For him we are all company and diversity of people in a company makes it stronger, it's a real key for a company.

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