Thursday, 12 April 2012

Making Sens of Social

This podcast is an audio podcast. It is entitled "Making sense of social media". It was published the 20th of February in 2012 by Walker Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. It comes from Arizona State University.

 The panel included Jennifer Hellum, formerly of; Chris Kline, ABC15, KNXV-TV; and Ashley Oakes, Zion and Zion.


1) The girl who is speaking at the beginning of the video is:
      a) a teacher
      b) a journalist
      c) a doctor

                                                                        a) A teacher.

2) What does she teach?

                                                                         She teaches social media.

3) How many main characters will be speak?

                                                                          4 people.

4) They will be discuss about some issues and social media.
          True               False


5) Jennifer Hellum is a twitter specialist.
          True               False

                                                                           False. She is a social media specialist.

6) For her, social media is:
       a) Twitter and Facebook
       b) Any kind of discussion online.
       c) Only articles online.

                                                                          c) Any kind of discussion online.

7) The definition of social media has evolved.
          True              False


8) Where does social media take place?

                                                                            Social media takes place in public place and in semi public place.

9) Ashley Oakes e-mails aren't social media.

         True            False


10) Chris Kline thinks social media doesn't have to improve.

        True             False


11) What is the best example of social media for him?

                                                                            The best example for him is Facebook.

12) For him it's very important to:
       a) Make sure people don't say bad things about you.
       b) Discuss regularly.
       c) Make sure people know what you do and why.

                                                                             c) Make sure people know what you do and why.

13) According to Ashley Oakes who is speaking, who does criticize social media?

                                                                              Traditional media criticizes social media.

14) She thinks it can be interesting to create a blog.

          True            False


15) What does Chris Kline think about having different accounts on twitter?

                                                                              He thinks it's to complicate to have an account on twitter for personal life and on another one for professional life.

16) What does Ashley Oakes think about that? Does she agree with him?

                                                                              No, she doesn't agree with him. She has got 2 accounts on twitter and she thinks it's easy to separate the two.

17) She thinks Facebook is more private than twitter.

        True             False


18) On Facebook, you can:
       a) Create different groupes of people.
       b) Discuss only with one person.
       c) Put only personal photos.

                                                                            a) Create different groups of people.

19) What does Jennifer Hellum do at the end of the audience?

                                                                             She answers  questions.

20) The fist girl who asks a question doesn't use so much conversation.

         True            False


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